In Psy-Op Hysteria NSW Enacts Draconian Laws

The rights of man do not originate from governments. Rather humans are endowed with inalienable rights granted to them at birth by their creator.

Instead governments are often the institutions through which liberties are systematically eroded and the rights of man curtailed.

Australia does not have a legislated bill of rights per say, rather our rights under common law can be traced back to the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 when a gathering of English Lords and Barons rebelled against King John and demanded their liberties be enshrined by written agreement.

However today under the orchestrated psy-op of the Corona virus governments around the world have instituted lockdowns, economic closures and put their citizens under house detention.

In NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has just enacted the NSW Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement Order 2020). The right to freedom of movement, the freedom of association and the freedom of assembly have all been suspended.

The state proclaims itself to have the authority to fine or jail anyone in violation of this new order, except of course the health minister who has granted himself the power to issue exceptions to whomever he chooses under the act.

Many people don’t realise the similarities to martial law when they label it social distancing and self isolation.

No doubt this is a period of great geopolitical change with developments hidden behind the scenes that we can only speculate upon.

However the silver lining is that when this hysteria passes I believe people will once again realise the importance of the liberties they have long taken for granted and will understand the importance of defending them.


The order can be viewed here:



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