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“The Battle for the Bank: Australia’s Struggle for Monetary Sovereignty” is much more than the simple saga of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Rather it is Australia’s hidden history, stories of betrayal and redemption, viewed through the lens of monetary policy whilst remaining as a reflection upon the often forgotten yet ever present struggle between colonial servitude and republican liberation.

Moreover it is an exposure of the inner workings of the banking system, shining a light on the structures of fractional reserve lending and credit creation whilst laying bare the agenda of the world’s central banks to merge together and establish a one world currency.

The entire film is available FREE to watch on Youtube. You can check it out here:

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In celebration of the film’s premiere 100 first edition collectors copies of the DVD have been manufactured. Whilst the film is free to watch online, the DVD is a mechanism through which viewers can support the author and the author would greatly appreciate any support he received. There will only be 100 first edition DVDs created, once they are sold out no more 1st editions will be created.





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